Tijuana.TEL & Propiedades.TEL Updates

JMS.PRESS · Telnic Press Relase 

Mar, 2017

Updates to the mandatory hosting provisions make .tel available now as an Anything-you-want-it-to-be Web Address

What is .tel?

.tel is a unique way to promote your business, share contact details, and connect with people online.

Give your customers and network, relevant information about your company, your latest events and tell the world your story.

What’s changed?

As of March 13, 2017, .tel registrants now have the freedom of choice with respect to their hosting provider and use of the .tel web address. This means you can use hosting or website services for your .tel domain name provided by your current Retailer or any web hosting provider you choose.

Is hosting still offered by .tel?

Yes and it’s FREE! If you are a new .tel customer, once you’ve registered your .tel name with your preferred .tel Retailer, come back to our website at do.tel and set up and manage your detailed information with Telhosting – at no additional charge. With Telhosting you get:

  • Found online – Your page is formatted in such a way that is easy for search engines to find and display in their results.
  • Brand Recognized – Your .tel name is a unique web address that you can share and post everywhere, enabling you to drive traffic and leads back to your site.
  • Access Anywhere – Maintain and update your site content from any device and wherever your business or network takes you.

The Telhosting platform offers domain owners a compact, feature rich, single page solution to host and publish their very own digital profile which can be totally set up and managed free of charge.


Tijuana.TEL y Propiedades.TEL Son Dominios Administrados por Lic. Abel Jiménez de JMS Marketing Digital, quien posee los derechos de explotación de los registros por un año de término con primera opción a renovación por tiempo indefinido en periodos de 1 a 10 años. Ambos dominios son parte del inventario de Activos de la marca Abel Jiménez con Registro de Uso en  el Estado de Florida, USA*.

En los próximos días lanzaremos el nuevo portal destinado a la Guía Telefónica y de Contactos para Fines Diversos Tijuana.TEL. La Plataforma Permite La Distribución de hasta 10 Mil Subdominios, Que se Ponen a Disposición de la Comunidad, realizando la solicitud a través del formulario de contacto al calce.

Lic. Abel Jiménez,
“Sus Propiedades.ME Encantan!” Oficina 664.972.6640 MAIL  Lic. Abel Jiménez


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